GroundWire | July 21, 2014

This episode of GroundWire was produced on traditional Mohawk territory at CKUT in Montreal by Aaron Lakoff.

Hosted by: Jehane Yazami of CKUT.


Grassy Narrows First Nation continues fight for land rights after a loss at the Supreme Court of Canada | Tiffany Lam, CKUT

A Palestine solidarity rally in Montreal | Aaron Lakoff and Under the Olive Tree, CKUT

The British Columbia Environmental Assessment Process allows Glacier Resorts Ltd to "self report" on compliance with 195 legally binding conditions | Catherine Fisher, CJLY


Indigenous activists in Elsipogtog, New Brunswick protest shale gas extraction and call for a common strategy to defend water in the province.| Heidi Griffin and Michael Freeman, CHMA

An anti-racist soccer tournament in Montreal | Carla Green, CKUT

Non-profit organizations Sustainable Kingston and Hearthmakers Energy Cooperative are collaborating to encourage local businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions | Brenna Owen, CFRC

Community Radio Report:

Celebrating the 28th anniversary of the National Campus and Community Radio Association with founding board member Pat Nagle and the NCRA's Penny Clarke. | Rachel Swatek, NCRA

GroundWire thanks: Sawssan Kadoura, Katherine Garven, Aaron Lakoff, and Rachel Swatek

GroundWire | July 7, 2014

This episode of GroundWire was produced at CHRW in London, Ontario by Ed von Aderkas.

Hosted by: Emily Stewart and Julian Uzielli of CHRW.


Canadian Tarek Loubani, who was imprisoned in Egypt last summer, says his country should take a stronger stance against the sentencing of Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy in Egypt. | Julian Uzielli, CHRW

Migrant justice group, No One is Illegal protests changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program | Mina Ramos, CFRU

The Tsilhqotin First Nation win a landmark land claim case at the Supreme Court of Canada | Courtney Harrop, CJMP

The BC Yukon Association of Drug War Survivors, supported by the Pivot Legal Society argued to British Columbia's Supreme Court that a number of city bylaws in Abbotsford, BC are unconstitutional, because they prevent access to safe shelter for homeless Canadians. | Catherine Fisher, CJLY

Highlights from Toronto World Pride. | Ed von Aderkas, CHRW


Analysis of the British Columbia Teachers Federation strike.| Maegan Thomas, CJSF and Andy Longhurst, CiTR

A feature interview with feminist activist David Futrelle, who writes the popular gender equity blog: We Hunted the Mammoth. | Angie St. Mars and Jen Unwin, CKUW

Community Radio Report:

A feature interview with Devin Pielle, the new First Nations Language Coordinator at CJMP in Powell River, British Columbia. | Rachel Swatek, NCRA

Music: "That's Okay" by Roland Prevost, off his album "One in Breath." "Sheltered" by Metro4, off their album "Day One."

GroundWire thanks: Ed von Aderkas, Andy Longhurst, Emily Stewart, Julian Uzielli and Rachel Swatek

GroundWire | June 23, 2014

This edition of GroundWire was produced on unceded Algonquin territory at CHUO in Ottawa by Rachel Swatek.

Headlines: Toronto City Council voted and approved implementation steps to insure accessible survices to people who don't have full immigration status. | Amélie Phillipson CKUT

Thousands are reported homeless after a village near Barrick Gold's Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea was burned. | Amélie Phillipson CKUT

The government of British Columbia asked the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency to substitute a federal environmental review of a contentious mining proposal in the Monashee mountain range with a single provincial review. | Catherine Fisher CJLY

A report on opposition to the Northern Gateway Pipeline, approved with 209 conditions by the federal government on June 17,2014. | Catherine Fisher CJLY and Gunargie O'Sullivan CFRO


Sex workers and advocates are speaking out against Bill C-36, the government's proposed new sex-work legislation. | Amélie Phillipson

GroundWire kicked off a summer celebrating Pride celebrations across Canada in Kingston Ontario | Brenna Owen CFRC

Community Radio Report:

Nuxalk Radio 91.1 FM launched in Bella Coola, BC on June 21, to broadcast and promote the Nuxalk language. Rachel Swatek sat down with Banshie Hanuse from the brand new station.| Rachel Swatek NCRA

Hosted by: Benjamin Miller CHUO and Rachel Swatek NCRA. Music by: The Shing Shing Regime, Clean Kuts Originalz. We also Thank: Carly Forbes, Olivier Charbonneau, Joel Ladouceur and Erin Flynn.

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GroundWire June 9, 2014 | NCRC Edition

This episode of GroundWire was produced on Unceded Coast Salish Territory at CFUV in Victoria, British Columbia by Carly Forbes.

Hosted by: Jana Juniper Gee from CFUV and Elisabeth Jaeger from CKTZ


Sex workers speak out against Bill C-36, The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act | Rachel Swatek, NCRA

Reflections and celebrations of the Resonating Reconciliation project | Carly Forbes, CILU

The source of the Windsor hum has been identified | Julian Uzielli, CHRW

BC MLA kicked out of the provincial legislature for speaking against Bill 24 | Courtney Harrop and Karen Skadsheim, CJMP


Immigration detainees are boycotting their detention review hearings in three Ontario maximum security prisons | Mina Ramos, CFRU

Abortion access in Eastern Canada further restricted following the closure of the Morgentaler clinic in Fredericton | Louis Zatzman, CHMA

A live report from the Red Jam Slam at the NCRC in Victoria | Alicia Williams, CIVL

Community Radio Report:

Highlights of the 2014 National Campus and Community Radio Conference | Frieda Werden, WINGS and Ed von Aderkas, CHRW

We also thank: Gretchen King, Maegan Thomas, and Nina Halliday-Thompson

GroundWire May 19, 2014

This episode of GroundWire was produced on Unceded Coast Salish Territory at CJSF in Burnaby BC.

Headlines: -National Campus and Community Radio Conference preview, featuring Robyn Spilker, conference coordinator at CFUV (produced by Maegan Thomas, CJSF);

-Supreme Court Upholds Security Certificate Regime, featuring Carmen Chung, senior counsel, BC Civil Liberties Assoc. (produced by Frieda Werden, CJSF);

-Shawn Atleo resigns as National Chief of Assembly of First Nations, featuring former Vice Chief Bill Wilson (interviewed by Gunargie O'Sullivan, CFRO), and William Lindsey, director, Simon Fraser University's Office of Aboriginal Peoples (produced by Maegan Thomas).

Features: -Two Canadians, Journalist Mohamed Fahmy and Khaled Al Qazzaz are detained in Egypt during the elections and descent in increasingly criminalized. - Sources are Ehab Lotayef and Samaa Elibyari from ECCD, and Sarah Sattia, the wife of Khaled Al Qazzaz. (produced by Amelie Phillipson of CKUT)

-BC Apology for Anti-Chinese Discrimination, featuring BC Premier Christy Clark, and Sid Tan, community media producer and activist (produced by Frieda Werden of CJSF)

-Mothers Against Borders, featuring Ivonne Hernandez, mother facing deporation; Solidarity Across Borders member Bruneau; unnamed Solidarity Across Borders organizer; immigrant mother, Renate.(produced by Clementine Koenig of CKUT)

Community Radio Report: -3rd Annual Record Store Day, featuring Maegan Thomas and Jesse Wentzloff from CJSF; Ben Frith, operator at Neptune Records; and Narduar, radio personality from CITR)

Program Narrator: Nina Halliday-Thompson, CJSF. Groundwire Series Coordinator, Carly Forbes.

GroundWire | May 5, 2014

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This episode of GroundWire was produced on Traditional Mohawk Territory in Montreal at CKUT



Moratorium on Temporary Foreign Workers in Food Service industry further marginalizes migrant workers | Carly Forbes, CILU


BC advocate for children and youth makes recommendations to extend the age that youth remain in foster care | Ross Henry, CJSF


Jose Figueroa speaks at the Guelph May Day dinner via skype from sanctuary in Langley, BC | MaryCarl Guiao, Migrant Matters Radio



This year's May Day in Winnipeg marked the 95th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike | Julien Cooper, Chuck Girard and Michael Welch, CKUW


An in depth look at the corruption of politicians and the consultation process for fracking in Eslipogtog First Nations territory | Miles Howe, Halifax Media Coop


May Day in Montreal is met with heavy police repression during the annual anti-capitalist march | Amelie Phillipson, Aaron Lakoff, CKUT


Community Radio Report:

Avalanche, a disability justice radio program on CKUT is fundraising to make their programming accessible to the deaf community | Aaron Lakoff, CKUT


Music by:

Emrical and Ought

GroundWire | April 22, 2014


This episode of GroundWire was produced by Catherine Fisher at CJLY on Sinixt ancestral territory, in Nelson, BC



Maritime energy association briefing shut down by Mi'kmaq women| Sula Sidnell-Greene, CKUT

Christine Hemmingway settles with Corrections BC for failing to provide adequate healthcare | Yasmeen, Prison Radio CKUT

Montreal's green spaces are being neglected and at risk of disappearing | Amelie Phillipson, CKUT



Montreal residents demonstrate against austerity following recent Quebec elections | Amelie Phillipson, CKUT

BC representative for children and youth discusses the importance of access to community and culture for Aboriginal children and her recent report titled “when talk trumped services”| Gunargie O'Sullivan & Woody Morrison, Vancouver Co-op radio, Carly Forbes, CILU

The expiration of the Canada Health Accord and a national movement calling for a new accord | Frieda Werden, CJSF

Music by:

Buffy Sainte-Marie and Miriam Pearl


GroundWire | April 7, 2014

This episode of GroundWire was produced by Dana Wesley and Graham Juneau at CFRC on Traditional Haudenosaunee and Annishinabe territory in Kingston, ON

Protestors march down Dundas St. in London, ON against the line 9 reversal | Carly Forbes, with files from Ed von Aderkas, CHRW
Ex-US soldier speaks out against torture and the incarceration of Omar Khadr | Amelie Phillipson, CKUT

Activists fear that Bill C279, protecting gender identity, won't pass before the next election | Ed von Aderkas, CHRW
Indigenous resistance to the Energy East pipeline | Michael Welch, CKUW
Community responds to assault of Queens Student following a men's rights group event | Dana Wesley, CFRC

Community Radio Report:
Frieda Werden, co-founder of WINGS, retires from CJSF | Carly Forbes, CILU

GroundWire | March 24, 2014

This edition of GroundWire was produced at CHRW 94.9FM in London, Ontario by Ed von Aderkas. 
Update on the Perry Ridge headline from last episode | Catherine Fisher for CJLY-FM in Nelson, BC with sound from Colin Payne.
Quebec LGBTQ's of colour and their allies come out against the proposed "Charter of Quebec Values." | Josh Pavan, CKUT, Montreal Quebec. 
First Nations protestors block Via Rail corridor between Montreal and Toronto to raise awareness of missing and murdered aboriginal women | Ed von Aderkas, CHRW 9.49 FM London Ontario. 
A federal court defends medical marijuana patients right to grow one's own | Ed von Aderkas, CHRW 9.49 FM London Ontario. 
Stan Proboszcz talks about lack of progress on curtailing fish farms on the west coast | Jay Peachy, CJSF Nelson British Columbia. 
Demonstration in Montreal against Line 9 Pipeline | Amelie Philipson, CKUT Montreal, Quebec
Community Radio Report
CKUW Goes ad-free after funding drive | Reagan Headley, CKUW Winnipeg.
 Music By: 
The Strumbellas - Did I Die? from We Still Move on Dance Floors

GroundWire | March 10, 2014

This episode of GroundWire was produced on Mohawk Territory at CKUT in Montreal by Amelie Phillipson and hosted by Avi Gross-Grand.


-Tyendinaga Mohawks blockade CN rail for missing and murdered women investigation. Graham Juneau, Alternative Frequency, CFRC
-Recent arrests at the Sinixt cultural camp on Perry Ridge. Catherine Fischer, CJLY
-New Quebec policy on homelessness. Amelie Phillipson, CKUT.

-Hamilton, Ontario becomes a 'solidarity city' for undocumented migrants. Scott Neigh, Talking Radical Radio
-Handy Dart riders alliance in BC is calls for improved transit access and funding for people with disabilities and elderly people. Maegan Thomas, CJSF
-Global protests call for the release of Al Jazeera journalists imprisoned in Egypt. Amelie Phillipson, CKUT

Community Radio Report:
-AMARC celebrates International Women's Day. Aaron Lakoff, CKUT

"Fui" by Vox Sambou (
"La Rata" by Lido Pimienta (


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